How It Works

How M-Powering Teachers works

M-Powering Teachers (MPT) tool: The workflow for generating feedback involves (1) recording sessions, (2) transcribing the recordings, (3) conducting NLP analyses and (4) generating the results and insights on a web page to educators.

(1) Recording

Classes can be recorded using any type of high quality recording devices, or even with a teacher’s cell phone. Online classes can be recorded using Zoom.

(2) Transcribing

MPT transcribes and algorithmically analyzes the transcripts to identify various discourse-related phenomena.

(3) AI-based analysis

MPT analyzes components of speech related to several key teaching moves. For example, we measure the teachers’ uptake of students’ contributions. To do this, we quantify teacher talk time proportion using timestamps from the transcripts, teacher questions by relying on question marks, and the extent to which the teacher repeats students’ words.

(4) Results and insights

MPT offers positive, non-judgmental, and non-evaluative feedback, specific examples, and opportunities for reflection.

What does the automated feedback include?

The automated feedback includes measures of teacher/student communication patterns, student mathematical reasoning, and teacher instructional moves. More specifically, teachers receive feedback about mathematical language (both teacher and student), teacher focusing (open-ended) questions, student mathematical explanation and reasoning, teacher uptake of student ideas, and classroom management and time on task. We are working on feedback related to attributing competence to students and explicit teacher mathematical sense-making and reasoning. These measures will be coming soon!


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