Reviews & Testimonials

Teacher in California (6th Grade Math teacher)

"As a teacher, my experience working with M-Powering Teachers has been insightful. The classroom recording process was incredibly streamlined and hassle-free, allowing me to focus more on my teaching and less on the task of recording. The automated feedback can become a game-changer, providing valuable insights and suggestions for improvement in a short amount of time. I feel this is a tool that can empower educators by equipping them with methods to enhance their teaching and positively impact the students' learning experiences. I highly encourage other teachers to get involved and join this innovative journey towards educational excellence."

Teacher in Ohio (5th Grade Math teacher)

"M-Powering Teachers was a very exciting experience for me as an educator. The process was well-explained, planned, and carried out. The team made it very easy and stress-free to work with them. The AI teacher feedback tool was helpful for me to gauge my teaching to see how effective it was in ensuring students' success."

Teacher in California (6th Grade Math teacher)

M-Powering Teachers made participating in the data collection process easy! The M-Powering Teachers team coordinated with the administration of my school, brought in a manageable amount of equipment, and communicated clearly through email. As an educator, it was exciting to be able to participate in the project to see the potential of AI in the classroom. I found the feedback useful and would happily participate in future studies with M-Powering Teachers.


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