Application & Evaluation

Our current work on application and evaluation revolves around providing teachers with automated feedback and rigorously assessing whether and how this feedback can be helpful.

Educators in brick and mortar K-12 classrooms, online settings, and tutoring programs have used the M-Powering Teachers automated feedback tool. By incorporating suggestions from these educators, as well as by utilizing randomized controlled trials to examine how various aspects of the automated feedback impact teachers’ instruction and students’ outcomes, we continue to develop our tool so that it can be as helpful to teachers as possible.

Through a study funded by the National Science Foundation, we are also working with instructional coaches to determine the best ways to integrate automated feedback with coaching. We see an opportunity to combine coaching and automated feedback in ways that extend the power of each.

If you’re interested in learning more about our application and evaluation work or participating in a related study, please contact Research Project Manager Hannah Rosenstein at

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